5 Angels for Ukraine

Updated: Apr 6

To witness such tragic events unfold in Ukraine has been immensely heartbreaking especially knowing the unprecedented amount of suffering and human tragedy that is the ultimate outcome of this war, and all wars the world over. The conflict has affected me personally, as I am of Ukrainian descent, I was born here in the US. My parents' hometown is Odesa on the Black Sea.

The powerlessness/anxiety regarding the situation of the ongoing war in Ukraine has made me want to do what small bit that I can. I have created a series of prints from a hand-carved block, featuring an image of an angelic praying figure that I embellished with different paints and inks. The first couple of editions possesses a violent redness that expresses the brutality of aggression. As the series continues, the reds give way to more delicate and cooler tones, in hopes of regeneration and healing. The final edition is painted with coppery paint, a hopeful color of victory, with red scars that remain.

100% of the sales of these prints will be donated to Ukrainian humanitarian / disaster relief. Proof of donation will be sent. Hand-embellished and individually signed & numbered, edition of 5. Dimensions, 7" x 5" approx. Block print printed on hand torn Rives BFK Arches Printing Paper Mailed securely with a backing board and cellophane sleeve. Artist's Certificate of Authenticity Included

Video of the Process of Making the Prints

Warfare is a savage anachronism of mankind that needs to be evolved out of our existence, I believe it is an inevitable outcome if we are to ensure our continued survival as a species,as the preservation of our humanity is at stake.

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